Maximize your performance at a trade show and eliminate the last-minute set-up glitches. Utilizing a building on wheels as your foundation for a trade show booth streamlines the entire process, from transporting materials, to set-up, to reduced drayage costs, to wowing your customers with a memorable brand experience.

A custom, branded building on wheels makes you stand out from the crowd. Imagine you’re a guest at a trade show walking by the rows and rows of similar exhibits. But there’s one that stands out. You’re drawn to that intriguing, temperature-controlled building.

Buildings on wheels take a fraction of the time to set up. Their mobility makes them easy to activate at ongoing event engagements. Save money and time with a building on wheels. Many convention centers charge an arm and a leg for storage which can add a significant amount to your overall costs. Exhibitors can save big on these union labor costs with a building on wheels. And instead of spending time storing and locking up assets during the off-hours, simply close up shop, lock up, and secure your assets.

During a trade show, exhibitors should be able to focus most of their energy on interacting with those interested, excited customers. The simplicity of a mobile building on wheels makes that more achievable.