Adding the smallest amount of space to a house requires a lengthy and expensive process in many cities, especially in California. As an architect, I sympathize with my clients who, quite logically, assume that a small room addition should be quick and easy to accomplish. The reality is that a small project takes as much work for an architect as a much larger one due to zoning and building department requirements, making the architectural fees and permitting costs, as well as the project time frame, proportionally out of whack with the scope of the project. Moreover, the desired addition may not even be allowed due to the setbacks, open space requirements, solar angle requirements, etc., etc., etc. So Garcia Architects came up with a workaround: tiny buildings on wheels that are manufactured in our RV-certified factory per RV (recreational vehicle) and Department of Transportation codes. As RV’s, they can be placed anywhere an RV can, and building departments have no jurisdiction plus they can be financed with an RV loan, and delivered in under 3 months, whereas the time frame to permit a traditional room addition, even a small backyard prefab building, is about 6-9 months. For more information, go to