Mobile pop-up shops are all the rage. They’re great for going where your customers are so they can see and experience your brand and for testing various locations and designs before making long-term commitments. What do you need to know in planning your mobile shop?

Mobile shops have obvious space limitations, so the first thing to do when planning a mobile shop is to determine how much space you’ll need for inventory, point of sale, staff, and customers. As the experts in optimizing small spaces, we can help you maximize your space. It’s tougher to attract foot traffic so selecting the location is the highest priority.

We can help you determine the cost of labor to two your mobile shop and set up and tear down at each location unless you plan to do that yourself. Having a mobile shop on wheels makes set up and tear down pretty simple, and saves a lot of time over using other types of pop-up shop structures.

Your shop is the centerpiece of your marketing campaign. We’ll help you determine its lifetime cost for the duration you plan to utilize it. Your mobile shop can be depreciated over its life so you can increase your return on investment. We’ll compare that ROI to other options such as renting or buying a traditional store.