hotel administration & back-of-house components

The administration and back of house spaces in a hotel generally comprise about 10 to 15 percent of the total floor area of the hotel, somewhat less for motels. The layout and overall design of these spaces greatly determines whether the staff can meet the needs of the guests. The main functional elements include:

• Administrative offices

• Food preparation and food storage areas

• Receiving, trash, general storage areas

• Employee areas

• Laundry and housekeeping areas

• Engineering and mechanical areas

Larger hotels or resorts have extensive administrative staffs so require more administrative space. Small properties may just need a single administrative office. Resorts in remote areas may need to provide their own engineering services and staff. Hotels in urban areas can outsource those functions and don’t need to use valuable real estate for these functions. Motels that don’t provide a restaurant or meeting space don’t need as much support space as hotels that do.

It’s essential to provide enough back-of-house space and plan the spaces correctly so staff can reach all areas of the hotel without passing through the lobby and other public spaces. Basic planning objectives should include clustering the major service functions around the receiving area and employee entrance or along a major service corridor, and grouping the food outlets close to the kitchen or at satellite pantries.